First things first: Hello New Neighbors! We recently moved from the Quad Cities Area (Moline, IL) back to Champaign, IL (where we originally met!) and we’ve brought our Christmas light display with us! Here’s what the display looked like in 2018:

Although we’re going to miss those sky-high trees, this year (after receiving an FM transmitter as a gift from a family member), we’re animating the display to music! So, we’re hard at work at trying our hand at animating the sequences to music using light-o-rama’s sequencing software. Here’s a quick peek:

Feel free to stop by and wave from 6 feet away if you see us out stringing lights!

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2020’s Display is Underway”

  1. What are you using to power everything ( as in power source)? I love doing large displays myself but always worried bout over doing normal house outlets? Any input would be helpful thank you.

    1. Hi James! Thanks for the question and this is a big concern for us. A lot of planning has to go into making sure nothing is overloaded and unsafe. For this display, we had an electrician come in and install a dedicated sub-panel for the display that has 16 dedicated circuits that we use only for the Christmas display. We are trying to move towards only using LED lights to help with the power requirements. We also made sure everything is GFCI-protected for safety. Unfortunately, that will also mean that we may end up shutting down the display during periods of bad/wet weather.

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