One of our hopes is to create a more modular Christmas light display that doesn’t take a ton of time to put up each year. (Some of us become grinches when it’s cold our and we’re untangling lights with numb fingers!)

This post covers our attempt at making the window lighting more modular.

Steps to Making These:

  1. Measure the 4 window frames we want to outline in lights (the upstairs windows aren’t the same as downstairs)
  2. Order some hanger bolts from Amazon (we should really own Amazon stock with as often as we order from them…)
  3. Get some wood for the frames. Full warning: We’re not the best when it comes carpentry or constructing things. No judging on how these are put together! Essentially we just made a frame slightly larger than the frame of the window. Screwed it together and used metal L-shaped brackets on the interior corners of the frame for sturdiness.
  4. Then we added tea cup hooks to the 4 corners of the frame. These are used for hooking the light strands to the frame.
  5. Then we determined where we wanted to permanently place the hanger bolts on our window shutters. These bolts are staying up year-round and act as pegs that the window frames just pop on to. They’re then secured with a nut and washer. That means this process also requires drilling holes into the wooden hanging frame (so the pegs can fit into them!).
  6. Once the holes in the frame are drilled, we hook the strands of lights to the frames. (In this case we had 3-5 strands per frame – depending on the size of the frame, and wound them around and hooked them into the 4 tea cup hooks). The top and bottom light strands sagged a bit so we added some zip ties to square them up a little.
  7. Then we popped the frames on to the pegs (hanger bolts) on the shutters and secured them with a washer and nut.

Eh voila! We definitely should have sealed the wooden frames before putting them up. They’re not weather-protected and likely prone to getting wet and rotting if we don’t. They’re not hard to make, but I’d recommend investing the time to seal them before using them!

These frames have red, white, blue, and multicolored lights that each have their own circuit so they can be animated independently.

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