In 2018, I decided to build a giant wreath to go on the side of the house using a hula hoop and a ton of ornaments and hot glue. Sadly, the hot glue didn’t hold up well in colder temperatures and many of the ornaments fell off when we stored it.

Here’s take 2 on creating a giant wreath! This time I used zip ties. (As Mr. Claus said the other day, “Zip ties and electrical tape are the stuff light displays are made of!”)

For starters, I decided to order a hula hoop that has LED lights already built in, instead of trying to zip tie more light strands to the hoop and weighing it down further. The lights aren’t super bright, but they get the job done!

Then I purchased a battery power supply adapter so we can plug in the hula hoop and automatically turn it off using our light controllers.

Lastly, I added some lightweight plastic ornaments and bows from the local store and some ~9ft long garland.

The garland and bows went on first, using zip ties. Then I filled in the wreath by zip tying groupings of 3 ornaments at a time.

Hopefully, this one will hold up better than the last!

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