After much work over the Thanksgiving holiday, the inflatables are up and the display is 99% complete! We’re just adding the final touches.

One of our inflatables is an animated dog that pops out of a present. A neighbor and her child came by today and he kept giggling each time the pup popped out. It totally made my heart sing and all the work (and grumbling between Mr. and Mrs. Claus) worthwhile!

12 thoughts on “The Inflatables!”

  1. I saw your wonderful display last night with my daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren. What a wonderful tribute to the Christmas season. Thank you so much. I live near you in Turnberry Ridge.

  2. This has become my son’s favorite activity when we step out on walks now — he loves the inflatable puppy and Santa. What a labor of love and what a gift to our neighborhood. Simply gorgeous. Thank you.

  3. Our daughters go to an in home day care on your street and we were delighted to see the show last night after I picked them up! I let my six year old son out of his car seat to enjoy the show. He sang and danced the whole tome. My almost 3 year old and 1 year old were both mesmerized by the lights! Thank you for giving this gift to everyone.

  4. We stopped by last weekend and enjoyed the display so much that we went back again tonight. Clearly, you put a lot of work into this. Thank you for making the season a little brighter.

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