How many inflatables do you own?

At last count, somewhere around 80. We’ll see if there’s room for them all on the new lawn!

How many lights are in the display?

We lost count. There are between 50,000-60,000 lights that will be lit up in 2020’s display.

How many controllers do you use for the animation?

We have 13 controllers that each have 16 channels, for a total possibility of 208 channels. That’s 208 items that can be animated. This year’s display won’t use all 208, but uses at least 160 channels.

What software do you use to animate the music and lights?

We use light-o-rama’s sequencing software.

What does it cost to power the display?

Roughly, $3/hour. It costs significantly less to power LED lights versus incandescent lights. Our lights are currently a 50/50 split between the two types. We’re in the midst of migrating to all LED lighting.